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Welcome to Mamaroneck Larchmont SEPTA! Recognizing that students have a broad range  of learning styles and abilities, SEPTA works to promote rewarding educational experiences for all children.

Please join us!  The Directors of Special Education will host an evening of Conversation and Interaction on April 18th in the comfortable setting of a local home.  Space is limited so please RSVP to or

SEPTA is requiredby the New York State PTA to review and renew its Bylaws every three years.  The Bylaws Committee has reviewed the existing Bylaws and recommended to the SEPTA Board that they be re-approved without change. The SEPTA Board has voted to endorse renewal of the Bylaws without changes. A vote of the SEPTA membership on the Bylaws is required to complete this process. The Bylaws may be downloaded by clicking this link: SEPTA Bylaws . If you have any questions about the By-laws, please contact Cecilia Absher at  A vote of the SEPTA membership on the Bylaws will be held on Monday, April 23rd at the Budget Discussion meeting at MHS Library at 7:30pm.

Don’t forget to buy John’s Crazy Socks!!! Thanks again for coming to the John’s Crazy Socks Building Bridges event and supporting SEPTA and John’s Crazy Socks!!  If you would like to view the amazing presentation by John and his dad, you can watch it here:

You can also Buy John’s Crazy Socks Via the Link Below — for those of you still looking for socks..they are a GREAT gift for the holidays and all year round!  You can download a form to order socks here  or you can order online below: 

Crazy Socks Price and Delivery Options

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