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SEPTA Faculty Grants
Mamaroneck School District

SEPTA is very proud to support our staff. We look forward to receiving your proposals.

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Deadline: March 30, 2018

Award Ceremony: To be announced


SEPTA Faculty grants are intended to encourage regular and special education teachers, specialists and administrators to undertake new projects.

Projects, Programs & Resources Supported

Creative, innovative, and novel programs, equipment or pilot projects that enhance and support the educational experience for students with varied learning differences, physical abilities, and social/emotional challenges. Grants are awarded for an individual classroom or for projects that benefit a range or classrooms and ages.

Size of Awards

Grants are usually limited to moderate-sized projects requiring several hundred dollars. Most grants are in the $200-$700 range, although smaller grants receive equal consideration. Applications for larger awards should be submitted to the Mamaroneck Schools Foundation for consideration.

Award Notification

Funds will be available by June 2018.

Additional Information & Grant Application

Guidelines attached (To downloadable form). SEPTA membership required and may be submitted with Grant Application.

Award Usage

Funding approvals apply only for one school year. Unused funds may not be carried over to the next school year.


Grant Co-Chairs:

Emma Rooney at

SEPTA Faculty Grants Guidelines

Evaluation Process:

Reviewing body: SEPTA Executive Board

Appointed subcommittee reviews all applications and makes recommendations for approval to the SEPTA Executive Board.

Funds limited: All proposals may not be funded.

Criteria: Funds will be awarded based on the extent to which the proposed project:

• directly and positively impacts students with varied learning differences, abilities, and social/emotional challenges in the academic or enrichment setting
• involves a creative, innovative and novel idea
• enhances the professional’s ability to provide differentiated instruction
• relates to curriculum
• represents a collaboration among professionals

Other Criteria

These guidelines are not exclusive. SEPTA may take into account other factors that it deems helpful in making decisions.

Grant Focus

Support classified students by:
Addressing their diverse needs
Promoting their participation in extracurricular activities
Facilitating their inclusion in mainstream activities, academics OR enrichment (music, art, physical education, etc.)
Encouraging differentiated instruction
Supporting ongoing professional development


Must be a Mamaroneck UFSD teacher, therapist, specialist or administrator at the elementary, middle school and/or high school level

Successful applicants must agree to update SEPTA reps on use of funds during the year and complete Grant Survey in writing at end of year.

Official Application
All requests must be submitted in writing by Grant Application deadline

SEPTA membership required
SEPTA application with $10 dues may be submitted with grant application

Past Grants Awarded


SEPTA awarded more than $7,000 in grants to enrich the educational experience of special education students, as well as many regular education students, in the Mamaroneck School District. SEPTA appreciates the dedication, creativity and innovation of this year’s grant recipients and is confident funds awarded for the projects listed below have benefited and will continue to benefit our children. SEPTA is proud to support Mamaroneck’s faculty and congratulates the SEPTA grant recipients for 2015-16 school year.

Life Skills
Mamaroneck High School – Grayson O’Reilly was awarded funds to expand the Role Model Reader program, which gives Transition Academy students the opportunity to select, purchase and read books to 3-5 year old students in the community.

Mamaroneck High School – Grayson O’Reilly received a small grant to buy pots, seeds, soil, bulbs, spray bottles, etc. to create a Classroom Edible Garden for her Transition Academy students to maintain with as much independence as possible.

Hommocks Middle School – Kristina Martina received funding to buy supplies for a new Hommocks Café, a real-world experience where students in the 12:1:2 special classroom shop for supplies and run a twice-weekly café serving tea, coffee, hot chocolate and pastries to staff and teachers.

Hommocks Middle School – Grace Brew received funds to purchase experiments, equipment and tools to suit the needs of and stimulate the interest of special education students in her technology classes (e.g. marble tracks, auditory stimulants, electricity projects, magnetic design kits, snap circuits). 

Literacy/Curriculum Proficiency

Central – Elizabeth Johnson was awarded funds to purchase look-alike writing journals for children who need larger line spacing to address OT, fine motor and handwriting issues.

Central – Tammy Fisch received a grants award to purchase math games and appropriate seating to promote multi-sensory learning in a small group setting.

Murray – Stephanie Feinberg was awarded funds to purchase the On Cloud Nine Math Kit to support students’ reasoning and problem solving.

Social/Emotional Growth

Central The school received funds to provide staffed, center-based activities and games to be used at recess and lunch in order to structure play time in a more friendly way for children who might experience difficulty interacting and participating with peers during non-academic times. The funds are being used to purchase a variety of activities to create games and play centers targeting small and large motor skills and cooperative learning.

Central and Mamaroneck Avenue School – The school psychologists and social workers were awarded funds for the purchase of books and other therapeutic resources to aid students who are experiencing anxiety, grief, peer conflicts and emotional dysregulation. Teachers will have access to these materials when managing social emotional situations or difficult behaviors in the classrooms. 

Self Regulation Tools

Central, Chatsworth, Murray and Mamaroneck Avenue School – All four elementary schools received funds for the purchase of Desk-er-cisers and/or wedge cushions, novel seating alternatives to aid in self regulation, increased sustained attention and production of work.


Murray – Amy Rosen received funds for the purchase of an external amplifier for the piano, to assist both special ed and general ed students by allowing all students to better hear the piano accompaniment during music classes and performances.


Life Skills:
Hommocks Middle School: Kristin Martin was awarded materials for the ungraded special class for the weekly project of developing a shopping list, going to the supermarket, and preparing the meal together as a part of the life skills curriculum. Materials include a toaster oven, small skillet, measuring cups, measuring spoons, can opener etc.

Literacy/curriculum proficiency:
Chatsworth: Laura Brune was awarded funds to improve the collection of early readers and chapter books. Reluctant readers will be captivated by new titles and a current collection of books replacing old and worn titles.

Central School: Elizabeth Johnson and Alexis Pirone were awarded materials to be specifically designed for individual students who need to maintain and sustain their knowledge of subjects over the summer. These students are at risk for significant regression.

Mamaroneck Avenue School: Alyssa Ternullo and Janice O’Byrne awarded funding to create duplicate libraries between the classrooms and therapy rooms of early readers. This will enable carryover between the classroom and therapy.

Chatsworth School & Murray Avenue School: Denise Ruchala was awarded Portable/Bluetooth speakers for listening and recording their own rehearsals allowing students another learning perspective.

Multi-Sensory Learning:
Chatsworth: Michelle Vesal was granted tools for the art room would allow for therapeutic learning alongside the general art curriculum. Materials include a pottery wheel, easy grip brushes and pencil grips among other tools to allow increased access to creating art.

Chatsworth: Tara Graham-Turner was awarded materials for a sensory enrichment table for kindergarteners. Children will have the rich experience of feeling the different textures of the sand table allowing them to calm themselves and seek out sensory needs.

Central School: Elizabeth Johnson and Alexis Pirone were awarded creative and flexible individual groupings and seating to encourage and enable different student partnerships though carpet squares and triangular desks.

Central School: Mary Conroy and MaryAnn Walkin awarded blackjack effortless seating to aid in sitting during instruction. Benefits students with poor trunk control.

Central School: Elizabeth Johnson was awarded magnetic clipboards and tools to create differentiated learning and group instruction.

Mamaroneck Avenue School: Gloria Rodriguez was awarded two stand-up desks and stools allowing students to stand while they learn. This will help students who need to stand and move while focusing on the lessons.