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Welcome to Mamaroneck Larchmont SEPTA! Recognizing that students have a broad range  of learning styles and abilities, SEPTA works to promote rewarding educational experiences for all children.
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Do you want to learn more about what a 504 plan is and how is might help your child?  If you do, please join us on Thursday, November 30th at 7:00 p.m. in the Hommocks Library.  Students with food allergies, ADHD, or other similar conditions may be eligible to receive services under a 504 plan.   The program will be lead by Special Education Director, Dr. Michael Mercanti-Anthony and  our district’s attorney, Mr. Michael Lambert.   A detailer program flyer can be found here: 504 Flyer 2017.docx
This program is sponsored by SEPTA in conjunction with MUFSD. If you have questions, please email Gretchen Leibovitz at or Alix Lager at

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