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News and Updates

Welcome to Mamaroneck Larchmont SEPTA! Recognizing that students have a broad range of learning styles and abilities, SEPTA works to promote a rewarding educational experience for all children.


Come to the SEPTA Science Book Fair being held at Murray Avenue School on April 24-25th!  The book fair features book for all ages, science kits and much more!  This is also one of SEPTA biggest fundraisers and a great place to buy educational gifts for family and friends!

Please join us for our next monthly Diner Networking on Wednesday, May 3rd at the Nautilus Diner.  It’s a great chance to meet new friends, discussion any questions you may have about your child and be in a supportive environment.  We hope to see you there!


Looking for a great after-school sports program for your child? Try the Backyard Sports Program! The program builds sports skills, confidence and self esteem.  The six-week program starts on Friday 4/21 will be held from 3:15-4:00 p.m. at Murray Avenue School. The program  is open to all 1st through 5th graders in Mamaroneck School District and is run be highly trained staff from Backyard Sports.  Please click here for the program flyer murrayspringlflyerfinal1-2-2.  If you have questions, email Linda Banta at or Sandy Wu at

Don’t forget it’s never too late to support SEPTA and SEPTA grants for our schools!  We award grants each year to each of our six local schools!   The grants are awarded each Spring, so there is still time to donate if you would like help to make a difference in our schools! You can click the link above to donate!