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Lost and Found

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Murray Avenue PTA

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Raising Kids in the Digital Age

On January 23rd, Murray PTA welcomed Devorah Heitner Ph.D. who gave an engaging and thought-provoking presentation about how we as parents can best navigate the digital world in which our children live with the most positive results for everyone involved.   If you missed the presentation, you can watch it here:  (Due to the size of the file the visual quality isn’t great but the audio is very good.)  This is a password protected website — email for the password.   

Devorah's Top Tips: 

  • THINK or ASK before posting/sharing/etc.
  • If it is private, don't post it.
  • Acknowledge the perils of anonymity. If you don't want your name on it, you probably shouldn't say it.
  • Creation in balance with consumption.
  • Don't over-rely on monitoring/blocking etc.
  • Use productivity apps to limit gaming +social media distractions.
  • Learn etiquette, for calling, texting, etc.
  • Work out interpersonal issues out person.
  • Remind kids to "be here now" and not to use overuse phones in social situations:
  • MODEL this behavior!

For more information and some fantastic tips you can check out Devorah's website:

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Murray Farms Newsletter

So many exciting things have been happening at Murray Farms this fall.

Teachers in all grades have been working closely with the Garden Committee to incorporate activities into their curriculum. Classes visited the garden to help with fall harvesting and to taste new vegetables.  Mr. Stone took several classes out to sketch sunflowers.  Classes helped to collect seeds from dying flowers to plant again in the spring.  And other classes helped lay the winter blanket which protects and nourishes the garden over the next few months.   Take a look at the newsletter that was sent to Fourth grade families after their visit in October. 

Click here for the Fourth Grade Murray Farms Newsletter

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