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Lost and Found

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Murray Avenue PTA

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Values Driven Parenting Discussion

The Murray PTA is thrilled to host a not to be missed discussion on: Values Driven Parenting 

Monday, March 9th at 9:15 am in the cafeteria and at 7:00 pm in the library (2 identical sessions offered to accommodate everyone’s schedule)

We talk the talk. How can we help each other walk the walk?  How can we keep our values in the parenting driver's seat? We want our kids to be happy and balanced, yet we allow them to be over programmed.  We say we honor individuality, yet how comfortable are we when it's our kid that doesn’t want to play a travel sport or any sport at all?  We say that learning is the most important thing, yet how often are we more focused on achievement more than effort and exploration?

Please join Drs. Alan Dienstag and Katie Sawyer of the Larchmont Mamaroneck Community Counseling Center for a worthwhile discussion on our values, our children, and us.
Click here to sign up for the event.
(please note that signups are used just to help the organizers get a sense of numbers)
Questions? Contact Julie Rogoff at


New Family Buddy Program: We Need Your Help!

We're really pleased to announce a new program to informally welcome new Murray families who have just moved to Larchmont.  And we need YOUR help to make it a success!

Our new families may be American, or have international backgrounds.  They may have moved before the school year starts or mid-way through it.  Their kids may be joining any of the grades at Murray Ave. But what they do have in common is that Larchmont, and Murray Avenue School in particular, are very unfamiliar to them right now.

So we're looking for friendly volunteer 'Buddy Families' to make contact with the newcomer family (we'll broker the initial intros!), and to invite them to an at-home meet-up (a Saturday afternoon BBQ, Sunday morning pancakes etc) and/or a family playdate at one of the local playgrounds. Plus the offer to be at the end of the phone/on email for any queries about the school or local area they may have in their first month of settling in.

Murray is such a friendly school community - let's try and make it even more welcoming for those new to it! For more information and to volunteer, please contact Nicki Haines and Sarah Lieberman at


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