Mon, Sept. 18th-Tues, Sept 19th -School Photos.
Mon, Sept. 18th-Wed, Sept 20th- After School Club registration
Thurs, Sept. 21th-Fri, Sept 22th - NO SCHOOL (Rosh Hashana)
Mon, Sept. 25 -Library Volunteer Mtg in Library 9-9:30am
Tues, Sept. 26 -Back to School Night for Grade 3 (6:45pm), Grade 4 (6:00pm), and Grade 5 (7:30pm)
Wed, Sept. 27 - Part 1: The ABCs of Student Support Services at 7pm
Fri, Sept. 29 -New Families to Chatsworth Coffee at 10am
Wed, Oct. 4 -4th Grade Band Class (Intro) 7:30pm
Wed, Oct. 6 -Art Appreciation Meeting, 9:15am in WTP


The district has published the calendar for school year 2017-2018. Please find it HERE.


CLICK HERE to download the elementary school daily rotation.


CLICK HERE for more information on Mamaroneck District food services.


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Part 1: The ABCs of Student Support Services

Have you ever wondered what student service terms such as IEP, CTS, RTI, ICT and others mean? Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Parent Member and a Special Education Advocate? If so, please join SEPTA and our district's special education administrators, Dr. Nora Mazzone, Dr. Michael-Joseph Mercanti-Anthony and Ms. Jennifer Monaco as they address these topics on Wednesday, September 27th, at 7pm in the Hommocks Middle School library. This program is sponsored by SEPTA and the MUFSD. Questions regarding this program please contact Gretchen Lebowitz at or Alix Laager at

Chatsworth After School Clubs

Chatsworth After School Clubs are back and we are excited to have more local vendors than ever this year with a wide array of topics to offer our children.

Registration is NOT first come, first served. If classes are oversubscribed we will use a lottery process for placement. We will do our best, as always, to try to offer a spot in a club to as many kids as possible by increasing class sizes or adding new sections. But we can't guarantee placement as our clubs are all very popular. You will receive notice no later than Wednesday, Sept 27th with placement information. Clubs will run from October 2nd to December 1st.


Registration is open until Wednesday, Sept. 20th at 8pm.

Please CLICK HERE for a list of club descriptions, dates and prices. For scholarship information please contact Suehay Gonzales at
Any questions please contact co-chairs Casey Halliley or Louise Boyd at


Please make sure to verify your contact information in the AtoZ Directory and download the new app onto your phone from the website.

Library Volunteers

Did you know that parent volunteers do the checking in, checking out, and shelving of library books at the Chatsworth Library? There are 3 shifts each day (5th and 1st grades go from 8:50-10:20, Kindergarten and 2nd grade from 10:25-11:40, and 3rd and 4th grades go from 1:25-2:55). Volunteers pick a day of the week and one of those 3 shifts, and then we ask that you commit to coming either every week, or approximately every other week (based on even/odd days of the 6 day cycle). There will be a MANDATORY NEW VOLUNTEER MEETING on Monday, September 25 at the library from 9-9:30 am. If you cannot attend at that time, we can organize an additional training. If you are interested in volunteering, or if you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Hecht at

A note from the library….

Consider sharing the excitement around your child's birthday with the school community by donating a book for all to share to the school library. The book would be enhanced with a bookplate noting your child's birthday to celebrate the gift. A lengthy list of books to choose from is available through the amazon link below. Books will be delivered straight to the Chatsworth library. Please make sure to note your child's name and birthday when you choose from the list so it can be properly labeled. CLICK HERE for the book list.


Many of you still have an outstanding balance from last year's hot lunches. (If you're asking why, it's probably because your child purchased hot lunches or chocolate milk with their myschoolbucks, in addition to pizza.) If you still owe money on your account, you WILL NOT be able to enroll in Pizza Wednesdays this year.

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For all incoming K and students who are new to Chatsworth, you'll hear more about pizza Wednesdays in the Back to School packet once school starts!

Sign up to help serve pizza on Wednesdays!

Starting in October, we need help serving pizza to our little ones. There will be another sign up for Feb - Jun later in the year. Sign up HERE.


Looking for a way to get involved in the PTA? There are some great opportunities available. We need help for the following committees:

• Carnival - In June, the PTA organizes a Carnival for the school and local community. One shadow is needed (preparing to take over next year).

• School Tours-Often parents considering moving to Larchmont would like a tour to see the school. 1-2 volunteers are needed to give tours. If you are interested in any of these positions or would like more information, please contact Andrea Hektor and Melisa Prevost at

School Photos

School photos will be taken Monday and Tuesday, Sept 18 and 19 in the auditorium. CLICK HERE to view the schedule detailing which day your child's class is scheduled to be photographed (Thursday or Friday). Please PRE-order your photos online.

To order, please:
1. Go to
3. Enter the password "CHAT17"

*NOTE: If you have 3 or more children in Chatsworth, you pay full price for the first 2 children and 50% for any additional child's order. This discount is only available using the order envelope (NOT ONLINE) available in the main office.

If there is any problem with the password or website, please contact the good folks at the photo studio (Rich or Nancy)

New Parents Coffee

There will be a coffee morning on Friday, September 29th at 10 am for families who are new to Larchmont or who have transferred into Chatsworth from another elementary school (please note that this is NOT for all Kindergarten families). If you are a new family and would like to attend, please email Amy Peluso at for details.


Join SEPTA: SEPTA is the district-wide Special Education PTA that works to promote a rewarding educational experience for all children. They strive to elevate community awareness, acceptance and support of students with varied learning differences, physical and cognitive abilities, and social emotional challenges. If you have any questions about Special Education Services at Chatsworth our parent representatives, Stephanie Chaice ( or Kate Light (, will be happy to speak with you. To learn more about SEPTA and to join CLICK HERE.

For more information about upcoming SEPTA events CLICK HERE.


For the latest Mamaroneck School District News & Larchmont/Mamaroneck Community News CLICK HERE


School tours will be available again once school starts in September. For information about new student registration please CLICK HERE to visit the Mamaroneck School District website.