Position on Gun Safety/Gun Control

Parents have asked us what the district PTA’s stance on gun safety and gun control is. As members of the National PTA and the New York State PTA, all of the district PTA units support the proposals made by these organizations relating to gun safety and gun control. For more information, go to www.nyspta.org. If you have any comments about these issues, please send them to your school’s pta co-presidents.

In addition, the National PTA is in the process of putting together a “call to action” for federal gun safety and control laws. Once this has been finalized, we will let you know. At present, there is an on-line petition in support of various gun safety and control measures at www.demandaplan.org.

Further, the National PTA has endorsed the Mental Health in Schools Act of 2013. If enacted, this legislation would increase access to mental health services and supports for students and families. For more information, go to nysptapresident.blogspot.com.